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Here is how a co-worker recently described me: “She likes wine, kittens, and embarrassing her opponents in fantasy football.” What more do you need to know? Yes, I like wine. In 2009 I visited 12 wineries, all of them in MN or WI. So I think that shows that I am willing to try any wine – I don’t judge, but I do know what I like… the Midwest offers a few gems out there, it is true! I always find it shame that I can’t bring my kitties to a restaurant. One of them is quite a connoisseur of good food, I think he would be helpful in writing some of my critiques. And watch out – I am ready to dominate in Fastasy Football this year! Oh and a bonus tidbit about me? I love lists. I love making them. I love crossing things off them. Check out my other blogs too! http://ghostsquadronblog.blogspot.com/ http://millcitymade.blogspot.com/

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