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Maybe I am the only one that was curious, but I had to check out the new Subway breakfast menu. For being in South Mpls I am always a bit bummed that the only food establishment that is within an easy walking distance is Subway. I feel this responsibility to frequent it at least once a month. Maybe if people go here other restaurants will open?? That is my reasoning and dream.

A lazy Sunday finally found its way into my schedule so I thought I would start the morning with a brisk walk to Subway and try out this new menu. There are 5 different breakfast sandwiches you can choose from, I settled on the basic egg and cheese. For $1.75 I could order the English muffin and for a bit more you could get it served on a flat bread or other Subway sandwich bread.

So the positives, the egg is an egg white omelet and the English muffin is a light wheat. So if you are looking to beat the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin in calories and fat, the Subway sandwich will do it. The Subway egg and cheese is 4 grams of fat vs the McMuffin egg and cheese which is 12 grams of fat. The Subway breakfast sandwich also gives you the option of adding any of the toppings that are available to you when ordering a normal build your own sandwich, so you can easily add in some veggies to the mix. The refrigerator case has also expanded to include things like juice, yogurt, and apple slices.

However, we all want to know if it is worth it, right? I guess if I was on a road trip, saw a Subway on the side of the road and needed a quick to-go breakfast I would consider ordering it again, but I won’t make a point to walk there again for breakfast. The English muffin was  cardboard and I couldn’t taste the egg omelet. I would recommend spending more to try the flatbread and adding some veggies to ramp up the flavors. Or maybe what I am really recommending is finding a few friends, heading to a yummy brunch location and really starting the day right!

Breakfast served til 11am.

Subway: http://www.subway.com/subwayroot/index.aspx


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Citizen Cafe: Restaurant Review

Citizen Café
2304 East 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

I drive down 38th all the time. I must be a really safe driver because I only quite recently learned of a little place called Citizen Café which has apparently been open since June of 2008.

C’mon–I noticed Stabby’s!

Citizen Café was surprisingly deserted on Saturday morning at 8:30. A few folks were reading the paper in the fall sunshine with a cup of joe. The atmosphere was quiet, warm, sunny and absolutely perfect for a chat with a friend who I had not seen in awhile. Beautiful smells wafted our way swiftly followed by our attentive server.

After seriously considering the sake bacon mary for $7, I went with the fresh squeezed orange juice for $2. The price seemed very reasonable and it was actually gone before my meal arrived. Breakfast at Citizen Café comes with sweet bread. I am not sure if the selection changes daily, but we received two fourths of a large pecan caramel roll. Not as gooey as I prefer, but definitely delicious with the maple butter and homemade blackberry jam that accompanied.
Breakfast BreadFor my breakfast I ordered Eggs Benedict with grilled ham for $9. It came with a small side of fresh fruit including melon and pineapple. The dish was delicious but similar to many other benedictine eggs that I have enjoyed. It had plenty of sauce and yolk, tender meat and a soft, non-descript english muffin. I loved it, but there was nothing to set it apart or make me crave this particular rendition in the future. Off the top of my head a can think of a few additions that would have been welcome to add a bit of unique flavor to the dish: green onions for freshness, paprika for color, or chili sauce for heat.
Eggs BenedictOverall I was completely impressed with this neighborhood gem. I am happy to support a restaurant that makes everything from scratch. Hopefully I can head back soon for some french onion soup and a fried shrimp po boy! If you go, check out the 1950s comics and newspaper ads in the ladies restroom. And by the way, the place was full when we left–so get there early!

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