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Dominguez Restaurant
3313 E 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 729-2353
no website

“Let’s go to the Mexican place! You know, the Mexican place!” Thankfully my friends can decipher my cryptic talk because they all call it “the Mexican place” too! I first discovered Dominguez back in 2007 and I find myself going back again and again. You will find the Mexican place right off 34th Ave on 50th street in Minneapolis. It is a little orange building with bold, yellow block letters spelling out: RESTAURANT. There are some charming lawn ornaments in the front of a little man with his donkey and cart – they always make me smile when I pull up.

My favorite dish is the chimichanga. The veggi chimichanga. A deep-fried burrito, smothered in cheese sauce. Ooh my. The veggie chimichanga is filled with fire roasted peppers and onions, accompanied with a side of rice and a side of refried beans. The beans are not that special, but the rice is fluffy and lightly flavored, overall I always leave with a full belly and not feeling greasy and gross like other Mexican establishments have left me. The food is fresh and served by the nicest servers.

One word of advice – stay away from the margaritas. Your choices are lime and cranberry (yes, cranberry) and they are just weird. The taste is like an energy drink or HI-C juice box that has gone bad. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and they pointed that Dominguez does not have a full liquor license, they just sell beer and wine. So would mean the margarita probably doesn’t have tequilla. Hmm, wonder what it does have?? Your best move is to stick with the beer, can’t go wrong there!

I realize this neighborhood joint probably isn’t in-between everyone’s home and work but I recommend making the trip to visit, your bellies will be happy!


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