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Remember when eating real food was normal and not a fad? It is a little bit sad but promising that movies like Food, Inc and shows like the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution are starting to wake people up to the idea of eating things like apples and bananas, instead of fruit roll-ups. Well, I recently read about the newest MPR series – Fighting obesity one meal at a time – and of course it got me interested. What is in our fridges? It is everyone’s favorite segment on MTV Cribs, right? 🙂 Jen and I don’t have any Cristal in our fridges, but we do have some real food! And one of us has beer. Lots of beer…

I heard someone say recently… “if your grandma doesn’t recognize the ingredients in something, then you shouldn’t eat it.” So true. Are you listening xanthan gum?

BTW – If you haven’t seen Food, Inc yet, be sure to check out the special airing on PBS coming up on April 21st.
Check your local listings: http://www.pbs.org/pov/tvschedule/


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